Summerseat’s Gift

Summerseat’s Gift

When visiting Summerseat, one will discover an unexpected surprise at the rear of the house as you roam toward the colorful gardens.  Nestled in the back next to a peaceful gazebo, are the gardens of Summerseat.  Planted by previous owners and very loosely based on English cottage gardens, there are six separate areas, including the gazebo.

Each season is appropriately represented by its own source of color and greenery.  The trees and spring blooming shrubs start to put outIris at Summerseat buds with the promise of heavenly scents and sights when they bloom.   The bulbs, such as daffodils, can’t wait to push themselves out into the sunlight.  A slight warm spell at the end of winter will sometimes encourage them.  But not to worry, when it gets cold again and snows on them, they’re fine.  The snow acts as an insulator and they go dormant until the next warm spell brings them out a little more, then produce buds, and finally burst forth in all their golden glory!   The Spirea blooms pure white, looking like a bride’s veil billowing down over Mother Earth’s shoulders.   The Mock Orange also blooms white but with the sweetest scent that beckons to you as you stroll.  The Dogwood and Redbud are anxiously showing off their vibrant whites, pinks, and violets.   The French Lilacspond are blooming with an unmistakable scent and delicate lavender colored blooms.  The peonies are vying for your attention in reds, pinks, and whites.  And then, just when you can’t imagine anything more beautiful, the Bearded Iris and Siberian Iris burst forth in all their glory like a sky full of fireworks!  In a palette of yellows, lavenders, royal purples, pure whites, browns, peachy orange, various two-tones, the gardens just pop!
The Iris are in bloom just in time for our annual Plant Sale that takes place at Summerseat each year on the day before Mother’s Day. Everyone loves this opportunity to wander about and see Summerseat in all its spring glory.

Eventually, The Butterfly Bushes burst forth in blues, purples, and yellows; they become inundated with another mass of color from the many varieties of butterflies who just love these shrubs. The Magnolias bloom, the roses produce their gift of color, the Shasta Daisies are a bed of crisp white, the Purple 2006springmanorhouseConeflowers are a vivid show of magenta. The Bee Balm stand tall in vivid reds and fuchsias. Daylilies show their fire in each of the beds.

As you wander along, there are many plants tucked in among the showy blooms, such as sedums, snow-on-the-mountain, lamb’s ear, an herb here and there, as well as other surprises. You’ll find annuals adding additional color in unexpected places.

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